Sa Coma

Пляж Sa Coma Пляж Sa Coma


Sa Coma is situated at five kilometres from Portocristo. It is a residential and hotel area sine the eighties of the 20th century and it is characterized by the wide sandy area, white and fine-grained, blue, transparent water and posidonia meadows, dolphins can be seen and it is possible to dive or windsurf.
On the left side you will see Punta de n'Amer. This headland of 200 hectares was declared in 1991 Àrea Natural d'Especial Interès by the Parlament de les Illes Balears, and it divides the beaches of sa Coma and Cala Millor. In the interior there are only two buildings, and the old houses of the possessió de sa Coma.
This beach is open to the sea and you are not recommended to anchor here, due to the fact that it is exposed to the winds of the first and the second quadrants. Nevertheless, if the navigator wants to anchor here, he will do so on a sandy ground, with a depth of two metres at two hectometres from the coast. The nearest port facilities are located at Port de Portocristo, at 3,7 nautical miles.
The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. There is also a bus service, the nearest bus stop is located at 50 metres from the beach. The easy accessibility and these characteristics explain that the beach is very crowded by local visitors and tourists.
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Дополнительная информация

  • Длина пляжа: 800
  • Ширина пляжа: 30
  • Адрес: Passeig Punta de n'Amer
  • Тип пляжа: Песчанный
  • Доступ: Автомобильный, Пешеходный, Судоходный
  • Уровень посещаемости: Высокий
  • Пользователи: Туристы
  • Условия для купания: Небольшие волны
  • Спасательная служба: Нет
  • Лежаки / Зонт: Да
  • Туалет: Да
  • Душ: Нет
  • Парковка: Нет
  • Ресторан: Нет
  • Якорная зона: Нет
  • Мониторинг: Высокий
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