Platja d'es Coto или Platja de s'Estanys

Platja d'es Coto или Platja de s'Estanys Platja d'es Coto или Platja de s'Estanys


Platja des Coto o de s'Estany is situated at six kilometres from Campos. Behind the residences and hotels, on the small coast, you can see the rest of the business of the salt extraction, which used to be very prosperous in the past and gave the name to this municipality, a channel in the rocks, an electrical pumps system and sluice gates that would let the sea in for the extraction.
This small isolated beach has fine-grained golden sand, with some rocks covered by posidonia, and a gentle slope. The ground is rocky and not deep at all. These two aspects are inconvenient for bathing and for the influx of visitors, there is a sort of reef, at half a meter of depth, which goes from the entrance until the coast, so that you cannot really swim. On the other hand, es Coto is a quiet place, excellent for sunbathing, far away from the big human crowds.
This sort of reef is not a problem for anchoring because at 250 metres from the coast there is a depth of 7,5 metres on a rocky ground, and at 50 metres the depth is half a metre. The nearest port facilities are located at Port Colònia de Sant Jordi, at 1,3 nautical miles.
The accessibility by car is easy to Platja des Coto. You can easily park for free at a few metres from the beach, and the nearest bus stop is located at about 700 metres.
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Дополнительная информация

  • Длина пляжа: 58
  • Ширина пляжа: 10
  • Тип пляжа: Песчанный
  • Доступ: Автомобильный, Пешеходный, Судоходный
  • Уровень посещаемости: Средний
  • Пользователи: Туристы
  • Условия для купания: Спокойные воды
  • Спасательная служба: Нет
  • Лежаки / Зонт: Нет
  • Туалет: Нет
  • Душ: Нет
  • Парковка: Нет
  • Ресторан: Нет
  • Якорная зона: Да
Прочитано 752 раз